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44th AMATYC Annual Conference

Orlando, Florida
November 15-18, 2018

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Curriculum Redesign (Restructuring content or delivery of a course or sequence of courses) General Interest Instructional Strategies (Learning styles, Teaching methodologies, Addressing math anxiety and study skills) Research (Includes research results or based on research)
Developmental Mathematics Global and Cultural Education (awareness of mathematics in other cultures, and appreciation of our role as educators with global citizenship) Instructional Technology (Computer software, internet resources, graphing calculators, etc) Statistics
Department/Division Issues (Adjunct faculty, Mentoring new faculty, Math labs, Interdisciplinary classes or projects, Tutoring, Administrative issues) Mathematics for General Education (Finite Mathematics, Liberal Arts, Quantitative Literacy) Mathematics Intensive (College Algebra, Precalculus, and Beyond) Teacher Preparation (Preparing to teach mathematics at any level)
Distance Learning (Hybrid or Online Classes) History of Mathematics Placement and Assessment (placement of students, and assessment in the classroom or of courses and programs)  

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